Who is responsible for marketing in your business?

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Creating a sales-based culture can have a significant impact on your business. Many companies operate with the belief that marketing and business development is the responsibility of the office down the hall. Companies that operate in this manner are significantly stifling their growth. Even though restoration has been changing through the years with less opportunities to have direct contact with the insurance community. That is a challenge - that can also create opportunity for you and your business to stand out. Restoration businesses that figure how to harness relationships will grow much faster than those waiting for the phone to ring with the next program job.

Here is a tip - the next time you are on the phone with an adjuster - ask if they have anything on their desks that you can help them out with. Experience has proven that if you ask enough - you will get leads. When marketing becomes the responsibility fo your entire team, this will start to impact your company culture.

Feel free to share any success stories that you have experienced by making business development the responsibility of your team.