What do you look for when recruiting talent?

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What do you look for when recruiting talent? I have always preferred, thanks to my early mentor “The Canadian”, Denis Beaulieu, to find people who were:
  • Honest
  • Hard working
  • Willing to learn
These values produced candidates that fared better than hiring defectors who were trained in another system. I enjoy finding the diamond in the rough whom we can teach to thrive in our system. These hidden gems have a much higher rate of success on our teams then those trained by others who came to our company because they wanted to make more money.

Do you have a similar process for screening applicants?

I believe employee retention is closely related to recruitment messaging, attracting the right candidates and developing a clear and consistent system. If you are interested, I shared more extensively on this in The DYOJO.


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We are looking to grow our water restoration team. Does anyone have recommendations?