New Covid19 FMLA legislation for small busines

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A new law passed March 20, 2020 will impose strict financial responsibilities for small business owners. This could be the most significant federal legislation facing small business at this time.

It seems one of the clauses says that if an employee has to stay home and watch their kids who are home from school, or if they are unable to find childcare due to Covid-19, the business may have to pay them up to $200 a day to stay home.

It's not completely clear how this will effect all small businesses as it seems to say the Dept of Labor may exempt business under 25, but it does make clear if or when that will happen.

What is your opinion about how this will affect your business or personal situation if you are not a business owner?

Your opinion alway matters on The Restoration Forum.

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I believe smart, bold, leadership and innovative ideas are necessary in order to carry us through this mess, I am also concerned that small businesses are under unprecedented pressure to survive and this could be the straw that breaks the camel's back for some small businesses.

It seems that the exemption of companies under 25 employees is vague. My take is that it will require the secretary of laborers approval sometime in the future, but the details are not really clear to me on that particular issue.

I'd love to hear other people's opinions, and thoughts.

We're all in this together, let's keep it positive.


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This is a bunch of b*******. If the government keeps loading up on small businesses we're going to go out of business.

How do they expect us to do this and to continue to stay in business.

America is built on small businesses and the government is going to put us out of business.

I realize that we need to take care of American workers, I stay up at night all night thinking about how to do that.

But if you start putting these crazy unrealistic expectations on small business owners we're all going to go out of business.

Then who are these people going to work for? It makes no sense.