Messenger Chatbots to Replace Insurance Agents

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Next Insurance, a startup from Palo Alto, CA wants to make it simpler for small businesses to find coverage, has raised a $29 million Series A. They aim to put AI (artificial intelligence) and data to work in benefit of small and medium sized businesses. Agents typically operate very locally, working with one restaurant owner, one lawyer, one electrician, and so on, Guy Goldstein (CEO of Next Insurance) elaborates. “That leads to a situation where agents do not specialize in the unique needs of each type of business—specializing in many different sectors is a very difficult feat for one human being,” he says. “With technology, data and AI we can have the deep knowledge of each profession in order to tailor the right product to a business.”

Next’s partner SmallTalk works with enterprise customers to help them identify where bots can drive new revenue or bring efficiencies to business processes. SmallTalk describes itself is a full-service builder of enterprise-focused chatbots that supports the entire bot process from strategy to design to development and maintenance.
“Bots are the future of communication for businesses that prioritize the customer experience and we’re excited to see the impact this technology can have in the insurance sector,” comments Alex Kaplinsky, co-founder, SmallTalk. “Next is bringing a powerful digital approach to an industry that desperately needs it, and it is an incredible testament to the power of bot technology to redefine.”