Has anyone else been ghosted at the office?

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In the past 6 months, I have seen potential employees AND vendors participate in the professional use of ghosting. They disappear without a trace or another word. Has this happened to anyone else?

Barb Jackson CR

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Yes - this happens a LOT! I've had it happen to me personally when hiring through the years. People accept a job offer...and never showed up for the first day of work. My clients all around the country say it happens to them too. Even appointments for job interviews - no call or email to cancel. Just don't show up.


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I figured it was a Colorado thing with all the Marijuana usage. Hire someone they get excited, they even call their wife how excited they are, then don't show up on day 1. Even increased pay to $15.50hr for general Labor, and nobody shows. I even got ahold of one of them and they gave me an excuse, I gave a second chance and again. No call No Show. DIdn't even get the logo shirts back.