Esporta iS4000 Washing Machine and Entire Start Up Package!

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Esporta iS4000 including all accessories to start your own soft contents restoration department or company! Super EASY to operate!
Insurance companies love the fact that the Esporta wash system can RESTORE instead of paying to REPLACE soft contents that have been contaminated by smoke, soot, sewage and other contaminates!

Very little use, only 144 loads have been run. Purchased as an add on to restoration company, but haven't had time to grow that part of the business. Machine is like new!

Restoration contractors armed with the Esporta iS4000 are capable of cleaning 2X more than dry cleaners.

The Esporta iS4000 cleans 90% of all damaged soft contents. These soft contents include the homeowners clothing, bedding, outerwear, pillows and stuffed animals. It includes leather items such as shoes, boots, belts, purses and jackets. Plus the full range of sports equipment, helmets, roller blades, hockey gear, ski boots, motor cross gear and so much more! We have also included detergents for safely cleaning FR Gear!

The Esporta Wash System is capable of cleaning soot, sewage, water damage and bio-contamination.

Included in package: (8) iS4000 cage inserts - usually comes with only 4, 2 Framed bags, Dexter 80 lb Reversing Dryer (white) - Natural Gas - Like NEW! MANY Extra detergents/cleansers, stain removers, garment tags, 48 Laundry nets (many brand new yet!), Leather finishing kit, Poly Garment bags, i300 Professional Iron Station - C88 Vacuum Ironing Board with Heavy Duty Silicon Iron Rest, Flip-Fold Shirt Boards, Fabric Steamer, Poly Garment Bag dispenser, Tools for Esporta machine, Marketing materials: DVD's Brochures, Sticker kit.
Number of Washing Compartments: 4
Control: 3.5" & 10" touchscreens
Internet Connection: Wired CAT5
Electrical: 220 Single Phase 40 Amp

Water Input: 3/4" Hot & Cold Water Lines

Drainage: 3"

No. of Detergent Pumps: 6

Capacity: 100 lbs

Machine Weight is about 1 ton, will discuss shipping, and it is also ready to be picked up. Whatever works best. Located in West Fargo ND. Also have to consider dryer, other equipment/supplies and many 5 gallon pails of detergents.
Will discuss price with serious inquires!!

We have many more pics - just couldn't post them on this site!

Call us today for more info: Perry 701-219-0138


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Did you have any luck selling your esporta? If so where did you advertise it? I've got one for sale too. Thanks.