Digital marketing insights from a panel of four specialists

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Digital marketing is confusing for many, including the pros. What makes for a viral hit is hard to pin down and yet we know that it is important to explore these advertising platforms if we want to grow our businesses. We reached out to four digital marketing professionals to ask their input on what small to medium sized businesses can do to become better sowers of seeds in the digital soil. Please note that this article from The Intentional Restorer is not an endorsement for any of these providers.

Question 2
Which is more common in online branding - not spending enough or spending too much in the wrong areas?

Ironclad Restoration Marketing: Not spending enough. Every year there is more and more competition online. There is more noise online than ever before and it's just going to get noisier, whether it's text messages, email, social media, Youtube videos, etc. You want to make sure you are positioning your brand in front of the people that need your services, in right channels, consistently! For example, you spend $100 on Google Ads, you don't get any calls and you give up thinking this doesn't work. That is not nearly enough of an ad spend to get enough feedback to see what is working or not.

Top Floor Digital: My self included, people spend far too much time drilling down on the wrong areas. It is easy to get lost in the weeds trying to come up with the perfect logo for your website, too much time spent on choosing a perfect font, etc..The same could be said about not spending enough time as well though, as branding for your business shouldn't be an after-thought.

Restoration Digital Marketing: Spending too much in the wrong areas. One unique thing with RDM is that we actually run and operate a restoration company in North Carolina. The reason we started RDM was that we had prior experience working with other third-party vendors that charged too much for the job and trying to sell services we didn't need. Luckily I had a degree in Marketing and knew which services we needed. Now at RDM, working with other restoration companies, I constantly speak with companies that are spending in areas they shouldn't be because a previous marketing company sold them on an idea.

Dahl Integration Marketing: Spending too much in the wrong areas. Specifically, awareness campaigns that don’t generate measurable results.

The rest of the article, Making the Most of Digital Marketing Investments, can be found in our monthly column, The Intentional Restorer, published by Restoration and Remediation (R&R) Magazine.


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Can you recommend use web development in marketing or The concept of custom software development is to take an idea and transform it into a working program that satisfies the needs of the customers. The first step in the development process involves requirements gathering. Requirements gathering is the first step towards the development team. The requirements gathering team will assess the current requirements and software development teams will work together to define the next steps.
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