CAT Preparedness? How does your company prepare for CAT's?

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With the trail of destruction left behind by the dozens of tornadoes that hit the mid-west earlier this week, we ask the following;

What is your company doing to stay prepared & proactive to answer the call when it comes in?

What tools do you use to manage the surge in claims?

Do you have enough resources to mobilize a team to leave on a moment's notice?

We'd love to hear how your company answers the CAT call.

Aaron Fogarasi

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Waiting till the storm comes and then begging our employees to work more hours until everyone is beat. This is not working. I am seeking a better system to Flex and double the amount of work our full service company can handle during a CAT situation (Storm Surge or Weather Conditions). I am welcoming unique or tried and true systems or ideas. I am tired of telling customers that we are too busy and can't send anyone. Is there a Hero out there?