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  • The Restoration Forum was first created in 2004 to elevate and support professional restorers; to create a restoration community that shares and engages freely. We had over 8,000 active members at one time. Today we are back with a vision of greatness.
  1. Jack Dennison

    Jack Dennison is the President of The Restoration Entrepreneur.

    Jack Dennison is the President of The Restoration Entrepreneur.
  2. Jack Dennison

    What's the Matter?

    Roofing contractors have issues. What are yours? Share an issue or two and let us way in and help you out.
  3. Jack Dennison

    National Association of Homebuilders

    We are all familiar with IICRC courses that increase our knowledge and skill in areas related to mitigation services, but what about training for reconstruction services. One of the best options is coursework and Certificvaiotn programs offered by the National Association of Homebuilders...
  4. Jack Dennison

    Ask a Reconstruction Expert

    I've seen many LinkedIn and Facebook groups where one can ask questions about the technicals of mitigation services, but never one, until now, for reconstruction. What issues are you facing with your reconstruction services that we might be able to help you with?
  5. Jack Dennison

    What's Your Plan?

    Organizational Development researchers tell us that businesses with a plan grow 30% faster than those without one. What's your plan for growth? Are you going to simply do more of the same, or are you going to do something you haven't yet tried? Share your plan with us and let's take a look at...