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  • The Restoration Forum was first created in 2004 to elevate and support professional restorers; to create a restoration community that shares and engages freely. We had over 8,000 active members at one time. Today we are back with a vision of greatness.
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    Feedback on a new mobile APP

    Jbushnell where can find this app to test & review?
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    RIA Strictly TPA Conference, Nov 10-11, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee

    With so many TPA's controlling much of the claims distribution these days. Are you planning on attending the Strictly TPA Conference this fall?
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    Drying equipment now available at big box stores!

    As some of you already know, earlier this spring B-Air and The Home Depot announced that they will be offering bulk pricing online and at the Pro-Desk for B-Air water damage equipment. From this partnership contractors will now have access to equipment through The Home Depot ‘s 2,000-plus stores...
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    Have we reached a cyber security tipping point?

    All it takes is one employee to open a malicious email message for a cybercriminal to gain access to a company's network to gain access to confidential customer or financial information. Yet just 53 percent (PDF) of companies with fewer than 50 employees attach a high priority to cybersecurity...
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    Messenger Chatbots to Replace Insurance Agents

    Next Insurance, a startup from Palo Alto, CA wants to make it simpler for small businesses to find coverage, has raised a $29 million Series A. They aim to put AI (artificial intelligence) and data to work in benefit of small and medium sized businesses. Agents typically operate very locally...
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    Meet the company who is "Uberizing" the insurance industry

    Protecting the consumer was the problem Robin Smith was trying to solve when she founded WeGoLook back in 2009. WeGoLook is a business designed to send “Lookers” to verify that an item a customer wants to purchase is exactly what he or she hoped for. The company’s process involves matching an...
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    Game of Drones

    As drones increasingly enter mainstream business practices, the insurance world has been leading the charge of drone adoption. Drones aren’t just helping insurers save time and resources during inspections, they’re helping them keep customers, too. The most important factor determining whether a...
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    Forget Everything You Know About Insurance

    The New York City-based startup has created a new model for selling home insurance. Instead of keeping the money it doesn't need pay in claims, the company takes a fixed rate of its customers' premiums and donates any unclaimed money to charity at the end of the year. Lemonade started selling...
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    Hoarding claims conundrum

    If any of you have been faced with a water loss that involved a hoarder understand the challenge that such claim requires, especially during a CAT situation. The Restoration Forum is a place where we can share such stories and more importantly offer solutions to our peers. If you've been in...
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    The Revolution Will Not be Televised

    Differentiate or Die! Insurers face unprecedented competitive pressure owing to technological change. The march of automation and technology represents a big opportunity for new entrants who are changing the game with better risk analysis and predictive data. What is your company doing to...
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    CAT Preparedness? How does your company prepare for CAT's?

    With the trail of destruction left behind by the dozens of tornadoes that hit the mid-west earlier this week, we ask the following; What is your company doing to stay prepared & proactive to answer the call when it comes in? What tools do you use to manage the surge in claims? Do you have...
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    What are the main things that slow down the claim process?

    Overall customer satisfaction among homeowners filing property insurance claims has reached a new all-time high, according to the J.D. Power 2017 U.S. Property Claims Satisfaction Study,SM Despite the overall improvement, problem areas are evident, most notably in water-related and other...
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    Facebook to become a major player in disaster response

    With nearly 2 billion users worldwide, Facebook is uniquely positioned to be a useful tool during a crisis or disaster response. It’s been more than two years since Facebook introduced “safety check,” a tool that lets users mark themselves as “safe” after a natural disaster or other crisis. For...
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    Is the current workers' comp system outdated?

    Does your company have a workplace safety policy in place? If yes, is it enforced? According to recent research and statistic, the simple and straightforward answer would be yes. The system is a century old and is outdated when considering the health and safety issues plaguing workers...
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    10 trends expected to shape the casualty insurance market in 2017

    10. Increased employer and workers' compensation complexities. In 2017 and beyond, as the “gig” economy expands and technology further develops, we'll see a continued shift away from the traditional workday and fixed employment locations to part-time, on-demand, and independent contractor...
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    What are your thoughts on the new Phoenix Dry Max small dehumidifier?

    Is the low performance worth benefit of small package or do you prefer larger units even though they are heavier?
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    Are you using the new S500 equipment formulas?

    The new S500 includes formulas which assist restoration professionals with guidance in determining the appropriate amount of drying equipment initially needed on water-damage restoration projects when employing dehumidification in the process. We'd like to hear from you, what are your thoughts...
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    Labor scarcity & diversity in the workplace

    How is your company managing staffing challenges and also addressing diversity in the workplace? We'd love to hear your thoughts.