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  • The Restoration Forum was first created in 2004 to elevate and support professional restorers; to create a restoration community that shares and engages freely. We had over 8,000 active members at one time. Today we are back with a vision of greatness.
  1. The DYOJO

    Insurance Coverage for Contractors Handling Coronavirus Disinfection

    The Intentional Restorer’s segment Three Questions with a Pro, brought to you in collaboration with Restoration & Remediation (R&R) Magazine and The DYOJO. Jon Isaacson interviewed David Princeton who has been in the insurance industry for over 15 years, helping clients to recover millions of...
  2. The DYOJO

    Help! Claims Review Shredded My Xactimate Estimate

    Article & video - Help for estimators dealing with claims review and rejections. We discuss: The elements of Insurance Claims 101. Common rejection items that are easily addressed and yet continue to be hang ups for restoration companies large and small. Telling the story of the loss...
  3. The DYOJO

    Digital marketing insights from a panel of four specialists

    Digital marketing is confusing for many, including the pros. What makes for a viral hit is hard to pin down and yet we know that it is important to explore these advertising platforms if we want to grow our businesses. We reached out to four digital marketing professionals to ask their input on...
  4. The DYOJO

    What do you look for when recruiting talent?

    What do you look for when recruiting talent? I have always preferred, thanks to my early mentor “The Canadian”, Denis Beaulieu, to find people who were: Honest Hard working Willing to learn These values produced candidates that fared better than hiring defectors who were trained in another...