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    How to Get Federal Loan and Then Get it Forgiven

    Additional info: Part 2 Summary of the CARES Act As of March 27, 2020, both the United States House and Senate have voted to pass a sweeping $2.2 trillion stimulus package designed to abate the economic damages caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and...
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    How to Get Federal Loan and Then Get it Forgiven

    Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Business Loan Forgiven By Graham WinfreySenior editor, Inc.@GrahamWinfrey Small businesses reeling from the impact of coronavirus may have good news coming in the form of loan forgiveness. The $2 trillion federal stimulus package includes $350 billion...
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    New Covid19 FMLA legislation for small busines

    A new law passed March 20, 2020 will impose strict financial responsibilities for small business owners. This could be the most significant federal legislation facing small business at this time. It seems one of the clauses says that if an employee has to stay home and watch their kids who are...
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    Join NORRP

    NORRP NATION! Since the culmination of the North American Restoration Conference in January, I have been working on updating our website and brainstorming how we can bring more value to our memberships. Throughout this process I have realized we are lacking representation in 42% of the states in...
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    Coronavirus training

    Any other great training opportunities?
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    Coronavirus mitigation training Thanks,
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    Coronavirus training
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    Coronavirus mitigation and remediation expert speaks
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    NARC Conference Produced by NORRP

    Some big, bold innovators in the restoration industry have produced a great new conference and deserve your support. Check it out at