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    Payment terms for direct pay

    Just ran across this from a newsletter I was reading today: Bakkt is working on building out a merchant payment network for crypto. Starbucks is one of its major clients. Some debit-card products can instantly convert BTC to cash to execute payments at a point of sale as well. And as banks adopt...
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    Payment terms for direct pay

    I was just reading a newsletter discussing Visa's efforts to create a platform that processes crypto currencies. If you are aware of this technology and familiar with the process - having Visa facilitate crypto transactions is redundant - why would you pay a fee for a virtual - no fee...
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    Who is responsible for marketing in your business?

    Creating a sales-based culture can have a significant impact on your business. Many companies operate with the belief that marketing and business development is the responsibility of the office down the hall. Companies that operate in this manner are significantly stifling their growth. Even...
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    How do you define success in your disaster restoration business?

    There are many different definitions of success in business. Some people think that success means having a large company, others it is the amount of employees and others it is based on net profit. I take a different approach to success. My thought is what good is it to have many employees or...