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  • The Restoration Forum was first created in 2004 to elevate and support professional restorers; to create a restoration community that shares and engages freely. We had over 8,000 active members at one time. Today we are back with a vision of greatness.
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    Can Someone Please Teach The 3 Day Drying Myth To Insurance Carriers And The New Be Claims Adjusters,They are starting again In 2020

    In 2019, the science has evolved, the equipment has evolved, and restorative techniques have dramatically improved. But with all this improvement and knowledge one thing is true – three-day drying is not the norm. There has been plenty of research by the restoration (restorers) community and...
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    Water Damage Restoration Companies on Forum?

    Hello Dryhero we are Drytech Restoration Services Philadelphia PA and surrounding areas, pleasure to meet you and be on this forum
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    Large Loss Disaster Networking Group
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