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ASCR - IICRC - Restoration Alliance - RestCon - Jon Don -Dri Eaze - Bolden's, Hydro Lab or the Mullet Method - Tell Us What You Think! THE IICRC ALLEGATIONS ARE ON THIS FORUM.

Large-Scale Restoration Operations

Hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, floods, storms and other large-scale ops require a different approach to the business. Many went to into the storm areas and lost their shirts, many did well. Participation in this forum is for those who are experienced in or wish to communicate with large-scale operations mgrs. only, please.

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An open forum for discussions on current regional disasters.

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Love'em or Hate'em, They're Here to Stay. What are the Good Ones? The Bad Ones? How Do You Work Them for Maximum Benefit? Share Your Experience for the Benefit of Others.

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Please Share Your Favorites Websites for Restoration or Business (or any sites worthy of sharing).

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Help Shape the Future of Restoration Equipment. Share Your Opinions of Design, Function & Durability Right Here.

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Desiccant / Heat / LGR / Refrigerant The Drying Debate Continues

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There sure seem to be a lot of them. What's the scoop?

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Xactimate - Symbility - DASH - Restoration Manager - PSA - Acculynx

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Contracts - Lawsuits - Share your experiences and resources here.

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HR - Liability - Workers Comp - Payroll - Office Practices - Accounting - Contracts - Forms

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Successful companies are the result of highly engaged teams. This is the place to share!

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Techniques - Problems - Solutions - Adjusters - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!

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Share the Latest Scoop on Your Favorite or Least Favorite Carriers, Claims Departments. TPA's or Adjusters. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Local and National Developments that Effect our Industry Including News, Events, Perspectives and Opinions are Welcome.

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Bonuses - Commissions - Retirement Plans - Profit Sharing - ESOP -Health Insurance - What seems to work? What Doesn't?

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Share News Stories that may Affect the Restoration Industry - All posts must be copied from legitimate news sources and posted noting original source.


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Businesses, Used Equipment, Materials, Etc. No new equipment, materials or services please. Contact ad dept. for new items/services.

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There is one CONNECT-ME needing assistance in AZ, for an Alarm Fire.
Hurry click the link before time runs out!
Does anyone know on here where you can find groups of contractors looking for different restoration connections?
Jack Dennison is the President of The Restoration Entrepreneur.
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Water damage can happen to anyone and Your safety is very important.
Do not enter a room with standing water until electricity has been turned off.
Do not use a regular household vacuum to remove water.
Do Not Delay water damage Cleanup
Get professional help within 24-48 hours. to prevent any secondary water damage, bacterial growth, mold formation, & minimize cost. 5starcleaning.ca 4163157562