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Industry associations, thoughts, opinions, suggestions?

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  • Industry associations, thoughts, opinions, suggestions?

    With so many trade or industry associations to choose from, which ones do you belong to & why? We'd love to hear your thoughts

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    I stopped my support of these organizations a few years ago. NONE of them stand up for mitigation or construction trades regarding the lies or "standards" misrepresented by the Insurance industry. For instance.........3 day drying,a lie. It is dry when my meters tell me it is,not an adjuster looking for a gold star.......No 0 and P unless you have 3 trades....A LIE!!!
    X8,the insurance industry god does NOT put 0 and P in the line items. We all have overhead,we all need to make a profit. My attorney stepped in 2 years ago,I now get 0 and P on
    ALL of my mitigation work......this came about after taking Allstate and NYCM to the NYS DFS.......they never showed,but did write the check for the FULL amount.

    Also,X8 is a GUIDE say otherwise is price fixing and against the U.S. Anti Trust Laws. The Ins Co. does not know my business model or pricing I need to stay in business.

    I write my scope,not an adjuster who never lifted an air mover in his life. "We don't pay for emergency calls during normal working hrs" oh yes you do. I still need to assemble a crew,
    p/u equipment etc........"We don't pay for x hrs.monitoring,thermal imaging scoping,etc.........unless you have that in writing ( which you don't) You're paying.

    As you can surmise,I don't get work from adjusters,thankfully. They are prostitutes for the Ins.industry.It is all subjective. We have had elderly people not covered for a 3k loss,yet
    an executive who gets water in due to heavy rains gets covered for 75k,after a phone call threatening to take his business elsewhere.

    It all comes down to education people....I'm 63,been in this business since 1996. 17 Certifications including Hygienist,NYS Mold Assessor and Remediator,Asbestos Abatement,
    Fire,Water and Mold Certs. I was just approved to be a NYS Licensed Instructor for CE classes on Environmental issues. NOT ONE of these trades groups sticks up for us
    regarding the screwing its members get from the Ins.Industry.
    Mike Hogan


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      appreciate your opinions Mike! thanks for contributing.



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