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Has anyone tried the DBK Drymatic System? What are your thoughts?

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  • Has anyone tried the DBK Drymatic System? What are your thoughts?

    We'd also be curious to know if anyone has used it with their Hygronet technology for remote monitoring.

    here's some links with additional info:

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    Why is this forum so dead?


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      Dealtimeman it is legitimate comment. The main reason the forum is quiet is primarily due to the fact that we had to relaunch the site on a completely new platform & database (start from scratch). Unfortunately the old forum was plagued with spammy posts, malware and became technologically obsolete. Further, add the fact that most ex-forums members now find themselves on LinkedIn or other social platforms. This compounded effect makes it that more challenging to get the engagement it once enjoyed. Rest assured, we'll keep posting & putting out relevant conversation topics in the hopes that one day soon, restoration professionals will rather connect & share here than elsewhere.


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        Great equipment I use all the systems they are all very versatile can be used in lots of ways to get the job done quickly. When you need to dry a class 4 water damage eg timber floors dbk makes the equipment to give you results that you have never had before in a residential dwelling.
        Super Dry San Diego Flood Restoration 10801 Vista Sorrento Pkwy, San Diego, CA 92121, USA (858) 900-3311



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