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Expand your restoration business by copying what's proven to work

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  • Expand your restoration business by copying what's proven to work

    If you own a restoration business you know how important it is to keep the phones ringing. With the internet, existing the old school marketing tactics are continuing to become obsolete. After 15 years of the same print ads that have failed me the last two years I knew it was time for a change.
    building a website was in my future and I knew it but never would accept it. I finally took the leap of faith and jumped in. My corporate office assisted me in getting a website but no one was even going to it. I mean this thing is like a full magazine dedicated to my business but none of that mattered if no one was seeing it.

    check it out here:

    What I figured out is that to get people to the website I actually have a ton of options. Starting with google AdWords. The phones would ring more often but I was spending crazy amounts of money to get them too.
    I was just about to give in and let this business die off and continue to grow my carpet cleaning company. That same week I get a call from a gentleman offering to do SEO. I wasn't convinced. I've heard everything from hibu and other big marketing companies. They all said to pay them to do directory submissions and my rankings on google would increase and I could hire them to do the AsWords as well.

    This guy, however, had an opposite approach. Directory submissions were a complete waste of time to him and told me never to invest in them cause it wouldn't make a difference for where I live. This was completely different than everything I have been told.

    He said quality content and backlinks is what's important. Either way what I was doing wasn't working and what I've tried was either way too expensive or didn't work at all. This was the first time I've seen a different strategy and I was willing to give it a try.

    He said it would take 5 months and I almost hung up the phone. However one simple true fact that you can't argue against sold me. He said, "If I could rank your website in two weeks everyone would do it and the results you get would never last." I thought this kid smart and hired him right there.

    Last month was month 9 and we've broken out sales record 4 months in a row. You know sometimes it helps to take a risk and go with the nail that sticks out.
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